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Role of Women in Pakistan

Role of women in Pakistan’s every field is very important because they are half in numbers population in Pakistan we cannot ignore the participation of women in all sectors. Nations cannot go on progress track without participation of women in every field. Role of women in Pakistani politics has great importance because women can help to solve in better way the problem of Pakistani women faced in the society.


Today, there is recognition that the status and role of women in Pakistan is intrinsically linked to economic progress and prosperity of Pakistan. It is now accepted that no country can achieve and sustain prosperity if nearly half of its population remains neglected and divested from the national development process.

Role of women in Pakistan is basically to look after the home, children and family members especially in rural areas of Pakistan. We can’t ignore the role of women in Pakistani economic growth which helps to built better future for Pakistan. Role of Pakistani women in politics which they have more potential to lead the Pakistani women to produce positive results in the society.

Role of women in Pakistani business is at initial stage, women obtained loans to strengthen and expand their business activity. Pakistani women are running their businesses according to business principles. They came from marginally well-off households, owned their homes or their husbands did, their homes had electricity, gas and running water.

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