Women Pakistan

Pakistani Woman Pilots

Pakistani woman pilots join Pakistan Air Force which is first time in Pakistan’s history. Woman pilots of Pakistan inducted in air force is a step towards the equality and empower of women in Pakistan. Pakistani woman pilots are already flying Fokker plans but it is the first time Pakistani women pilots flying fighter plans.


Pakistanwoman.org has giving you the details of Pakistani women pilots who are join Pakistan Air Force and other who are cadets in training. You can find pictures of Pakistani women pilots who join Pakistan Air Force as pilot available at pakistanwoman.org during the training sessions and also pictures of passing out parade of Pakistani woman pilots. In these pictures Pakistani woman pilots are looking stylish in dress of Pakistani Air Force.

After joining Pakistan Air Force by Pakistani woman as pilots are inspiring to other Pakistan women to join Pakistan Air Force as pilot. Interviews of Pakistani women pilots are also available for those who are interested to know about Pakistani woman pilots how they  achieve this goal and how they are inspired to join Pakistan Air Force as woman pilots.

Pakistani woman fighter pilot shows the same level of performance as their men colleges pilots in Pakistan Air Force. Pakistanwoman.org where you can find the comments on Pakistani woman pilots from all walks of life. If you are looking more information regarding Pakistani woman pilots just visit resources of pakistanwoman.org where you can find comprehensive information related to Pakistani woman pilots.