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Pakistan Woman Marriage

You can find complete information about Pakistan woman marriage at pakistanwoman.org which has special section of Pakistan woman marriage and cover all aspects of Pakistan woman marriage customs, celebrations and arrangements. Pakistan is an Islamic country and most of marriages are arranged by parents especially in rural areas of Pakistan. Pakistan woman marriage bureaus helped to Pakistani women and men to find best of their life partners.


Pakistani woman still have not rights regarding to choose life partner for marriage especially in rural areas of Pakistan where parents or head of family choose their life partner. Most of women rights organizations protesting against the force marriages, marriage with holy Quran and child marriage in Pakistan especially in rural areas.

Pakistan woman marriage is colorful event which celebrated with enthusiasm by all family members and friends of both families of bride and groom. Woman marriage in Pakistan is an event which has colorful customs such as mehndi (henna), a day before marriage friends and family member’s women of bride apply mehndi to bride’s hand, feet and arms to give color look during the marriage day.

Pakistanwoman.org gives opportunity to Pakistani women to add their marriage photos in gallery of Pakistani woman marriage photos to show their friends and family members through internet. Hope you will find Pakistan women marriage photos through internet. Pakistanwoman.org has resources where Pakistani women find marriage services through internet which helps them to find life partner.

Famous Pakistani fashion designers have large variety of Pakistan woman marriage dresses which gives most traditional look to Pakistani woman bride. Pakistani woman marriage dresses such as Lengha, shrara, ghrara and sari are most famous which Pakistani bride wear during marriage ceremony. If you are looking most about Pakistan woman marriage then please visit resources of pakistanwoman.org where you can find comprehensive information related to Pakistan woman marriage.