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Pakistanwoman.org is an extremely useful website which maintains the complete information about Pakistani woman. www.pakistanwoman.org is specially created for Pakistani woman. Each and every aspect of their life is discussed here. All the positive and negative aspects about Pakistani woman are mentioned in our website. The Pakistani women are advancing in every field of life but in some backward places woman are not being given proper due rights. Special attention should be given to abolish some main negativity from Pakistani society to safeguard the rights of Pakistani woman.


Islam has given a proper status to women which should be respected throughout the country as Pakistan is Muslim country. The violation of women rights and against women is also described. Also the main culture and tradition of Pakistani woman is discussed here and the info about the beauty and dress code of Pakistani woman including their fashion sense of jewelry and dressing etc. The different professionals where Pakistani women are working and are helping in nation building in Pakistan is described. The role of Pakistani women in media and some of the negative prospects of media nowadays will be acknowledged here.

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